Customizing Your Site

In this guide, we’ll walk through each section of the website to help you set it up with your own text, pictures, and links.


Time: 10 minutes

  • One 500px x 500px image (Instagram image works!). This will be the first thing your visitors see.
  • A short blurb of what your organization does, and a contact email address
  • A few facts and statistics you want to highlight about the group (press mentions, number of members, number of actions).
  • A short pitch for joining
  • A link to a youtube or vimeo video you’d like to showcase
  • A short donation pitch

That’s it! Let’s start editing.

Getting Started

In the WordPress sidebar, go to Pages > All Pages and edit the Homepage.

The Homepage uses a plugin called Page Builder, which visually organizes the page into rows and blocks. Make sure you’re on the Page Builder tab to see it. We will go through each row in the page builder and fill it in with the things you prepared above!

Intro Row

In the first row, hover over Talon: Image and click Edit. Click the big Upload Image button. Select and add the 500pm x 500px image you prepared earlier and click Done.

Next, hover over the Text widget to the right of the image and click Edit. Enter your blurb and your contact email and click Done. Update the page and preview it to make sure everything looks right.

Hint: Adjust the length of the text to look good next to the image.

Facts Row

Hover over Talon: Facts and click Edit. Write down a name (“members”), and number (“33”), and an icon name.

You can choose icons from this set. Click done when you’re ready, Update the page and preview it to make sure everything looks good.

Hint: Don’t worry too much about the content of the facts or having an exact number – they are just simple things you want to highlight and you can update them whenever you remember.

Calendar Row

The Calendar will not work at the moment and requires a few extra steps to complete. We’ll come back to it in the Calendar Setup section below – you can leave it as is for now.

Join Row

Edit the Text widget to the right of Talon: Testimonials and paste in your text asking people to join. Keep this short and simple.

You can edit the contents of the form later using the Join Form Setup guide below.

Gallery Row

The gallery section is called “Portfolio” in the Page Builder and holds “Projects”. You don’t have to make any changes on the homepage, just edit the projects we set up for you with the instructions in the Gallery (Projects) Setup section below.

Donate Row

Edit the Talon: Video box and add the link to the video you’d like to showcase.

To the right, edit the Text box and paste in your donations pitch. You can connect your Paypal account to the Donate button later in the Donations Setup section.

Save your work and review the page, making any adjustments you need. Congrats, you have built your very own homepage!

Our Story

Next, we’ll edit the Our Story (“About”) page, which contains your mission, values, and team.

Time: 5 minutes

  • A short mission statement

Mission Row

In the page builder, hover over the first row of text and click Edit. Change the mission statement to your organization’s mission statement.

Values Row

You can edit the content of the values row by following the Values (Services) Setup steps below.

Team Row

You’ll configure the people displayed in the Team row later by following the Team (Employee) Setup steps below.

Hint: If only one team member shows up, make sure when you edit this widget, the “Number of employees to show” box reads -1 (this means “show all”)

Update the page and review to make sure everything looks good. Next, we’ll go into the widgets to customize some of the content we couldn’t edit on the pages, like the calendar, values, and team members. These are fairly simple to edit and we’ll guide you through it step by step.


Time: 40 minutes

  • A Google Calendar for your org
  • 2 or more short quotes, member feedback, or quotes from the press about your work (testimonials)
  • 8 photos of your organization and members
  • A Paypal account-linked email address where you want donations to go to
  • 6 values chosen with your team
  • Pictures and optional short bios of your leadership team

Calendar Setup

Once you have a Google Calendar set up, the calendar requires a bit of extra configuration to add to WordPress. While this adds setup time, this is the only full-featured calendar that don’t add additional subscription costs. You only have to do the setup once, and then it just works.

To start, go to Calendars > Settings in the sidebar, and follow the step-by-step guide to getting your calendar key from Google. Make sure you change the Google Calendar id!

Hint: If the calendar won’t show up properly, go to the Homepage and edit the row with the calendar widget. You can remove the widget, and then choose Add Widget > Simple Calendar to re-add it. This should fix any issues.

The site also comes with an events page, which displays the calendar. This is great for search purposes, so someone looking can find your events page quickly. Make sure to verify that this works (if not, the fix is the same as for the homepage).

Testimonials Setup

Testimonials is the carousel of quotes on the home page where you can display member feedback or press quotes.

In the sidebar, choose Testimonials > All Testimonials. The title is the author of the quote. Edit the testimonial text with the quote you’d like to display, and add an image by changing the featured image on the bottom right. You can list additional information about the quote or author in the “Client info” section at the bottom.

Join Form Setup

Your join form uses Ninja Forms, and you can edit questions or view responses by going to Ninja Forms > Dashboard in the sidebar. You’ll see a form called Join Us – click it to begin editing. You can see form responses under Ninja Forms > Submissions.

Gallery (Projects) Setup

To edit the gallery, choose Projects > All Projects from the sidebar and edit or remove any of the projects from the demo site. To set the photo, change the Featured Image on the bottom right.

Donations Setup

To set up your Paypal account, go to Donations > Settings > Payment Gateways > PayPal standard and change the email to match the email on your PayPal account.

To change the donation levels, go to Donations > All Forms > Donate and make the changes you want. You can track donations under Donations > Donations.

Be sure to test it out once to confirm you are receiving donations in your PayPal account.

Values (Services) Setup

Values are stored under Services > All Services in the sidebar. Edit the description to change the value text. To set the icon, edit the icon under Service info. The available icons are here.

Team (Employees) Setup

To edit your team, navigate to Employees > All Employees and edit the existing team members. To set the picture, update the featured image on the bottom right. Remember to list the person’s social media links, and be sure to write out the full link.

Additional Features

The website comes with a few optional features that you are welcome to use or remove. We also show you how to edit the links and social icons in the footer.

Volunteer Management

The volunteer management plugin allows you to list volunteer opportunities, get signups, and track your volunteers. You don’t have to use it, but it’s a great tool if you want to track and advertise ways to help out.

To start, go to Volunteer Mgmt > Opportunities in the sidebar and create some opportunities. There are two types of volunteer opportunities you can create – one-time or ongoing. Once volunteers sign up, they will show up under Volunteer Mgmt > Volunteers.

Volunteer opportunities are listed on your volunteer page as well as in the blog sidebar.

Vote Page

Your website comes with a voter registration status check page powered by It is linked from the footer.


To customize the footer links, go to Appearance > Menus. You can change the links to whatever you like, but we recommend not adding more than 4 per column.

Social Icons

To point the social icons to your organization’s accounts, go to Appearance > Widgets, expand Footer 3, and expand Social Icons by WPZOOM. You’ll see all the icons and links displayed there – just change them to your accounts and remove the ones you don’t need.