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About the project

In our modern connected world, community organizations need a website to reach existing and potential members and let people know where, when, and how to contribute. But setting up a website for a new organization is hard – you have limited resources, and your volunteer time is valuable. Technology often feels more like a burden than a help. Community organizers need a way to reach new members without making a huge investment in their tech.

We set out to tackle this problem. In addition to talking to groups across the country about their needs, our team analyzed almost 1000 websites of new progressive organizations nationwide to find the sites and solutions that looked good, worked well, and fit the needs of the group without requiring technical skills or resources. We did all the research for you so you can focus on what you do best – engaging your community.

Our site is based on the Talon theme, a modern and easily configurable WordPress theme by aThemes. The theme and content are customized to the needs of progressive organizations like yours, and include all the features to kickstart your organization’s technology.


Your website will:

  • Work great on phones and tablets
  • Be simple to set up and maintain
  • Include full documentation and require absolutely no code!